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art de toilette™ specializes in one-of-a-kind bathroom art handmade by artist wendy gold.

wendy first gained notoriety in 2001 by transforming the wendytoilet from a simple utility to a prized decorative item. she launched her toilet seat line with a high profile art opening in san francisco. since then she's been commissioned by art collectors, hotels, restaurants and businesses worldwide. among the many celebrated bottoms sitting on art de toilette™ seats are jack nicholson, jude law, and john travolta.

in 2003, wendy expanded her line of bathroom art to include eight custom-designed bathroom scales (two of which have no numbers). her handcrafted scales add a unique touch to any bathroom, and bring fun and levity to that daily "moment of truth". they are currently available at boutiques and gyms across the country.

wendy holds a bachelor of arts from san francisco state university and runs art de toilette™ from her studio with her dog "slim" as her chief creative consultant.

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